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Fuel Injector Diagnostics, Testing and Servicing

Some of the issues an injector test and service can diagnose and rectify:

Poor Starting - Poor Driveability - Excessive Exhaust Emissions - Uneven Idling - Lack of Power - Lambda Sensor Problems - Catalyst Converter Problems.

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We have invested in the latest ASNU diagnostic testing and servicing equipment to provide you with the best service available for all petrol injector systems.

On the latest generation of Lambda controlled, fuel injected, engine management systems, correct diagnosis of the complete system is no longer an option - it is essential. Our ASNU equipment carries out diagnostic checks on the complete engine management system, not just some of the components.

The ASNU Injector Diagnostics System checks and tests the injectors' fuel distribution, fuel droplet formation, fuel atomisation and fuel delivery characteristics. The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned, the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced and then the system is tested again to ensure that the injectors are performing as the should as a matched and balanced set.

This proactive approach will improve engine efficiency running characteristics whilst saving time and money on servicing and repair bills by prolonging the life of inlet and exhaust valves, piston rings, lambda/oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

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Injector Diagnostics

Fuel Injector Cleaning with ASNU Equipment

Injector  Cleaning

Fuel Injector Cleaning

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