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Wheel Alignment and Corner Weighting

Whether your car is used for normal road use or for racing and track days, correct set-ups for wheel alignment and chassis balance will greatly improve steering and handling, whilst optimising tyre grip and wear rates.

As seasoned operators of kart and  car racing  teams, we understand how to set up cars properly. Our track experience gives us a deeper understanding of the effects alignment and balance have on a car's handling. This benefits all our customers as this information applies just as much to road use as it does for racing.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment or tracking adjustment, is  the process of checking the angles of the wheels in relation to the vehicle chassis and the ground, then adjusting the angles as necessary to bring them within the manufacturer's stated tolerances.

Maintaining the correct angles ensures that the vehicle runs straight and true without  the steering pulling to one side. It will also reduce tyre wear - poorly set up wheel alignment will cause tyres to wear unevenly and rapidly.

For motor sport applications, alignment angles can adjusted outside the manufacturer's specifications to obtain desired handling characteristics. With our vast experience in motor racing we can guide you on attaining the most appropriate settings.

Corner Weighting

Proper weight distribution is critical in setting up a well-handling race car. Proper chassis set-up separates the front runners from the "also rans". We use Intercomp scales - the best in the business - to provide the necessary accuracy and data to achieve the perfect chassis set-up.

Read-outs include Center of Gravity Calculation and Baseline Setup Recall.

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A Skoda Octavia VRS Estate undergoing laser wheel alignment

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